Retail Keg Orders

Please fill out this form if you are interested in purchasing kegs.  Thanks for your order!

* We require a minimum of three business days lead time for keg orders to be fulfilled
* Each order MUST be confirmed by The People's Pint
* Not all beers will necessarily be available at all times
* All beers are sold in 1/6 barrels (aka torpedo keg/sixtel) which holds about 40 pints
* All kegs will be available for pickup at The People's Pint restaurant (24 Federal St. Greenfield MA) during normal business hours 
* Taps will be included if needed
* Information about keg deposits will be provided when we confirm the keg order

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The following beers are available year round *Pied Piper IPA *Farmer Brown *Hope St. Amber *Oatmeal Stout *Natural Blonde Ale - Please indicate below what beers and how many kegs you would like to order
Seasonal Brews - $95/keg
Seasonal and specialty beers change frequently. Please check here if you would like to receive a list of what is currently available.
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Please indicate the date that you would like to pick up your kegs