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Bike To Live

Hello and welcome!  The People's Pint bicycle-commuting program in motion since 2003! 

Participants of this program have used their bicycles INSTEAD of their cars for a total of 63,103.25 miles receiving over $5,000 worth of gift certificates from the Pint. 

To receive a discount on your purchases at The People's Pint, record the miles you ride your bike INSTEAD of driving your car. After your first 100 miles, you will receive a $25 gift certificate to be picked up at The People's Pint restaurant.  From this point on you will receive $1 for every 20 miles you bike INSTEAD of driving your car. Just keep a record on the record sheet provided. 

Remember that commuting does not simply indicate the route between home and work. To qualify for credits, your commute can be any route - to work, to school, to the store, even to a friend's house that you would otherwise have driven, as opposed to simply riding for fun and recreational purposes (which we also encourage!). 

Our goal is to get people to realize that commuting by bike is more environmentally responsible, more enjoyable, physically healthier, less expensive, and often just as -or more- convenient as traveling by motorized vehicle. There's something magical about going places on your own power, at your own pace, on your own bicycle. And we hope that the encouragement and incentive that we provide will get new commuters on the roads, thus raising the visibility of cycling commuters all over Franklin County and Western Mass! 

See our links on bicycle safety, bike culture, night riding, and upcoming events, as well as interviews with past participants! 

Happy cycling from Alden and The People's Pint Team.

Any questions?  Email for more information!