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As many of you know, The People's Pint has been using cloth napkins since we opened in 1997. The main reason wasn't because we think we are a "fine dining establishment" but rather, because we assumed it was the best option if we were to place environmental issues as our highest priority (a basis we use for many of the decisions we make here). For years we used a linen service but the cost was high and we knew bleaches and lots of hot water and electricity were being used -- not necessarily the best thing for our fragile eco-systems. Then we switched to colored cotton napkins that we washed ourselves. Now we could avoid the nasty bleaches and detergents. But over the years we've watched our hot water, detergent, sewer, and electric dryer expenses rise, knowing that high energy and water usage were doing no favors to our natural world. Plus we were doing 4 to 5 loads a day meaning a lot of labor was going towards washing, drying, and folding. So even with this option, environmental costs remain a big question and our expenses are still high. Since we also have an excellent composting program here at the Pint (and our washer broke) we decided to consider non-bleached, post consumer recycled paper napkins, reducing our water, electric, and labor costs but increasing the use of another natural resource. In conclusion, we are in the middle of an ongoing experiment and ask for your patience and appreciate your advice. Anyone in the field of environmental science and education want to take this on as a project -- the pros and cons from multiple perspectives of cloth versus paper napkins?
Many thanks,
Alden Booth


Did you know that The People's Pint donates 25% of profits from the sale of our Training Wheels session IPA to MassBike? Check out this great article on the MassBike website! 


We're proud to announce that The People's Pint is now serving our delicious catfish tacos on 
locally made organic corn tortillas from Mi Tierra.  Come and get 'em!

Check them out at www.mitierratortillas.com

Check our our newest bottled offering, the Training Wheels Session IPA!

A percentage of the sale of Training Wheels goes directly to MassBike, 
Massachusetts' leading advocate for better bicycling in communities across the state. Cheers!

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